Alessandra Yarns Product Brochure

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Alessandra Yarns Give You an Advantage

The benefits of Alessandra yarns make our product the right choice for FR fabric development.

High Quality for Fabrics

Alessandra yarns are white and non-yellowing, can be dyed and have a good hand for a luxurious feel. Fabrics made with Alessandra yarns are easy to cut and sew, quilt or flange.

Non-Toxic and Chemical Free

Alessandra yarns are inherently protective and free of toxic coatings and chemicals. Vigorous and extensive testing proves Alessandra yarns are non-toxic and non-irritating.

Abrasion Resistant

Internal sheath construction makes Alessandra yarns 10 times more resistant to abrasion than competing core-spun products containing fiberglass.

Compliant to FR Standards

We oversee extensive testing of covers and barriers made with Alessandra yarns to ensure compliance with all major current and pending bedding and furniture FR regulations.

Alessandra Yarns' Processing Capabilities Meet - and Exceed - the Standard

Alessandra yarns process easily on standard textile manufacturing equipment to produce woven and knit fabrics. Various sizes of yarn and thread ensure your specifications are covered.

Alessandra Yarn Examples

Yarn Model

Close-up of Fiber

Our Patented Process
Stands Up to the Heat

When exposed to flame, the yarn's filament core creates a strong skeletal framework that holds char in place, blocking flames from penetrating underlying materials.