Alessandra Yarns Bedding Brochure 

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Rest Easy with Bedding Products Made
From Alessandra Yarns

Unique, patented Alessandra® yarns impart flame-resistant protection for innovative bedding products. Barriers, sleeves and covers featuring Alessandra yarns offer unparalleled performance and exceptional value over competing technical yarns. Plus, Alessandra yarns suit all standard mattress types and production methods.

Get Compliance and Consumer Appeal in Fabrics made with Alessandra Yarns

Alessandra yarns give you all the right advantages for FR fabric development.

  • Conform easily to foam mattresses and do not detract from their comfort or feel
  • Exhibit little or no shrinkage when exposed to direct flame
  • Self-extinguish residual flames after ignition source is removed
  • Retain durable FR properties for the entire product life and are unaffected by water
  • Provide excellent insulation to prevent decomposition of underlying materials
  • Soft to the touch, Alessandra yarns impart the feel consumers desire

Add Safety and Comfort to Bedding Materials

Alessandra yarns are suitable for mattresses, foundations and special beds that qualify for the Consumer Product and Safety Council’s 16 CFR Part 1633.

  • Institutional mattresses including hospitals and universities
  • Residential mattresses
  • Bedding in special vehicles
Burn Results

Choose Alessandra Yarns for
Flexibility and Versatility
FR Sock

Alessandra yarns support a wide variety of textile applications for the bedding market.